Five Reasons You Should Bet on eSports Instead of Football

  • Monday, Nov 9, 2020

Sports betting has been around for decades now, but there are now other types of events that you can bet on aside from traditional sports. One area that is increasing in popularity is the eSports betting market, which is now worth more than $1 billion a year. As a result, you will find eSport betting at the majority of bookies that you come across nowadays. Below we are going to provide you with a number of reasons why betting on eSports is better than betting on football, which is the sport that people bet on the most.


eSports Betting Fans Can Have Much More Knowledge Than the Bookies

Sportsbooks are cautious of new markets, especially markets where they do not have as much knowledge as they do with the traditional markets such as football. Bookies have many years of experience when it comes to providing odds for traditional sport markets and they know all they need to know about the various sports bets that they offer. However, placing a bet on eSports is not the same as placing a bet on a sport like football. The world of eSports is always changing and there are plenty of bookmakers that offer a variety of markets for an eSport but know little about it. Thus, if you have lots of knowledge when it comes to eSports, you can put it to good use to locate some profitable bets. Your knowledge can help you find those value bets.

eSports Gambling Has More Potential Than Football Betting

Think of an outcome that you want to bet on in football and we are sure that you will find a market for it at most esport betting sites that you come across. As a result, football betting fans will never usually have something new that they can bet on. However, it is the opposite for eSports as new markets crop up all the time. Additionally, new eSport competitions and leagues are being developed all the time, which means that eSport betting fans will always have something exciting and new to bet on.

eSports is Less Predictable Than Football

The underdog in football will sometimes win, but it is something that is happening less frequently now as the gap between the big teams and small teams is getting wider. This means that the odds that you will be given for matches are usually pretty poor. This is never the case with eSports because matches are a lot more even, and you will often get some surprises. For example. nobody predicted that Albus Nox Luna would beat Rox Tigers in 2016 to claim the League of Legends World Championship title. When there is a high chance of upsets happening, things naturally become more exciting.


Your Bet Will Not Be Ruined by Technology

VAR is a hot topic in football right now as fans have seen many controversial decisions over the last couple of seasons. When VAR makes a controversial decision, it can cost football bettors their winnings. For example, if VAR rules out a goal for someone you bet on due to a contentious handball, then you will no longer be a winner. Okay, they still have the rest of the game to score, but if they fail to then you will have lost money thanks to a subjective VAR decision. You will not find VAR in eSports, meaning that if you predict something and it happens, there is no chance that it will be taken away from you.

Your eSports Bet Cannot be Influenced by Officials Like in Football

Whenever there is human opinion involved in big decisions in sport, there is often a very good chance that an error will be made. Think about it, how many times have you lost a football bet because the officials made a highly controversial decision? When this happens, it is really frustrating, but you will not experience this in eSports as there is no human element to the game, other than the participants, of course. You will not find human officials at eSport event in the same way that you would at a football match.