Bay Malton Angling Club - Fishing

The Bay Malton Angling Club was formed in the mid seventies and had, for many years, its headquarters at the Bay Malton Hotel. In 2001 the club made a concious decision to move to Dunham Massey Village Hall.
Like a lot of angling clubs the Bay Malton was formed by a few friends who used to call at the Bay Malton Hotel for a drink. Most of them belonged to another, large, local club that fished the canal that by the side of the hotel.

Over the years the club stayed as a small friendly organisation but in the mid nineties found it, economically, a struggle to keep going. At this time the committee decided to vigourously promote the club and expand the number of waters. The success of that policy change shows today in the fact that the club has waters to suit any style of fishing and a membership in the many hundreds plus a thriving junior section. The club even controls a fishing complex of eight waters, plus toilets, cafes and secure parking.
No matter how large the club becomes it will always strive to be friendly and not ultra competitive, even in the matches. The club, from time to time, promotes social events for those who want them. This is to try and include the whole family in the club.


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