Dudley Dark Lords - SciFi

In addition to playing the wealth of Games Workshop games, it is the hope of DDL that we will play card, tabletop, roleplaying and board games systems to broaden gamers experiences.

Dudley Dark Lords hopes that as the club becomes established it will enter national club tournaments and be able to also host events as well. We would like to see an annual club tournament and possibly one or two club leagues run throughout the year for different games systems.

The club will hopefully grow into a well established part of the club scene at tournaments and events across the country. This can only be achieved with support and help from club members. We welcome both positive and negative advice and any club developmental ideas.

Finally the founders of DDL have much experience to deliver to your hobby and hope that with with time the club will become a great community for like minded players who are happy to enjoy a diverse range of games.

Address :
Kingswinford Community Centre
West Midlands

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