Craven Pothole Club - Caving

The Craven Pothole Club is the third oldest caving club in the UK, and one of the largest. Based in the Craven area of North Yorkshire, England, it organises trips mainly to the Yorkshire Dales but also to Wales and Scotland, and expeditions to Europe. The club is also actively digging and diving; many significant discoveries have been made by Craven members.

The Craven Pothole Club was founded in 1929; we currently have about 240 members, who come from all walks of life and many parts of the world. The objects of our club are to promote a wide range of outdoor activities, for the benefit of members, including the exploration of caves and potholes, mountaineering, fell walking, rock climbing, skiing, cycling and other similar pursuits. Caving activities are centred in the Yorkshire Dales, with regular visits to other caving areas and climbing and walking trips to the Lake District and Scotland.


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