Bambi Owners' Club - Caravan/Camping

Veronica Hardy volunteered to arrange an inaugural meeting in August 1988 at Sparsholt College, where the caretaker owned a Bambi. About 35 Bambis and 64 people gathered to form a committee and the club was formed. Autohomes gave a cheque to start the club off, and undertook to produce a Club logo. Veronica became the first secretary, and the club was soon expanding. Within a couple of years, it had four regions, each with its own Secretary, and since then, it has expanded by at least ten per cent every year, even though no Bambis have been made for eight years.
Maybe one day, a Bambi Mark II will appear on our roads. Even if it does not, the present Bambis, some now 15 years old, seem fit and well, and ready to carry on for many years to come.


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