Society of Olympic Collectors - Collectables

The year 2000 is an exciting year for members of the society as it is Olympic year.
The XXV11 Olympic Games takes place in Sydney, Australia 15th September- 1st
October where the society plan to hold a meeting during the games, meetings are also planned at the Olympic World Fair in Switzerland, Philatex and Stamp Show 2000.
Totch Bearer the magazine of the SOC is available to members 4 times a year, (back issues are available to members ) and a postal auction is held 4 times a year.
The society members also collect postcards and it is hoped that the society will produce its own postcard for this years Olympic Games.
For further information contact: Mr Brian Hammond

Address :
6 Lanark Rd
IP4 3EH  View Map
United Kingdom
Contact Name
Brian Hammond

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