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Throughout the rugby-playing world there are many avid supporters of the game and from amongst these a steadily growing number of rugby memorabilia and ephemera collectors are emerging. So much so that it was considered important that an effort be made to bring them all together. Hence the existence of the Rugby Memorabilia Society.

The Rugby Memorabilia Society is slowly expanding to become the world-wide body for rugby memorabilia collectors. We have members in each of the 'big eight' rugby nations plus others including Italy, USA, Canada, Holland and Germany. Our President is Cliff Morgan, one of the inaugural members of rugby's Hall of Fame. We have two vice presidents, Bleddyn Williams and Gerald Davies.

The Society publishes a bi-monthly newsletter called NoSide. It includes information about new publications, new members and allows us to place adverts which are circulated to our membership. NoSide is for the rugby anorak. We also publish a magazine 3-4 times a year, called Touchlines. In this members contribute articles about collecting and items of memorabilia.

We also aim to establish programme supply services and act as a means of passing on information to our members about forthcoming events of a rugby nature. We also send out offers/auction lists and periodically catalogues of items various members have spare, for sale or exchange. We aim to be the focal point for the acquisition and disposal of unwanted collections.

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