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The Antiquarian Booksellers’ Association was founded in 1906, and is therefore the oldest professional body of its kind in the world. However, the antiquarian book trade has changed out of all recognition since the beginning of the last century, and we cannot rest on our past record. The ABA endeavours to keep up with modern developments and modern perceptions of how the old book trade should be constituted and how its members should behave. I use the term ‘old books’ advisedly, since much of what our members now sell would scarcely have been perceived as ‘antiquarian’ at all until recently. ABA members sell the best of what their customers want in their own fields of collecting and trade to standards designed to inspire confidence amongst buyers and sellers alike.

In our Directory will be found not only a detailed list of our membership, but also details of how they trade. If they are retail shops their stock will meet certain standards and their service, whether in selling books or dealing with potential sellers, will aspire to the highest personal and professional behaviour. Members, to acquire membership, must know their trade, have a very thorough knowledge indeed of their speciality (and most members are now specialists) and also have a reasonable reference library to complement their knowledge. The Association has a major reference library to supply extra information for them. In their dealings with trade and public, members are also expected to charge and to give fair prices for stock. Where they detail opening hours, those hours will be observed. The increasing number of booksellers who work from home observe similar standards with their catalogues and with visitors, although this often involves making an appointment. Descriptions of books conform to certain standards and are subject to return should the books not match their descriptions.

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